Six Directions Traders Handcrafted jewelry, handmade Native American dreamcatcher, Leathercraft deerskin antler, Chokers weapons stone bone SixDirectionsTraders 6 Six Direction Trader:

~ Greetings ~ O`siyo ~ Hau Kola ~ Ya' at eeh ~

Six Directions Traders provide ~ Leather craft, Beading, Handcrafted Jewelry ~ products are Handcrafted from natural materials of the earth - bone, horn, stone, wood, glass beads, leather, fur, and feathers ~ In our Uniquely Diverse inventory, you are sure to find something to your liking. From our Trademark items, like the Spider Dreamcatcher and the Pinback Feathers, 100% Solid .925 Sterling Silver Native American Charms and Pendants, Hemp Jewelry, Spirit Animals ~ and collectibles of all kinds!

Please see our Pow Wow page to find a Native American Pow Wow near you.  Visit our Contact  page to find Links to our Blogg, Video's, Pictures, Facebook  and more.  

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Take a look at the video I made from my brother's tour of duty in Iraq ~

background song is 'Ductape' by Silverwolf

NDN Bling Necklaces Beaded Pendant with corn bead or hairpipe necklace; Beaded Picture Earrings don with Fine Delica Beads; Handcrafted 3-D Beaded animal Necklaces; Painted Pony series ~ Breyers model horses hand painted with feather dangles or beaded blankets;  Tropical Bird and ALL Natural Feather Earrings; Handmade Leather pouches and bags.  

Special Orders Welcome.


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