Six Directions Traders Handcrafted jewelry, handmade Native American dreamcatcher, Leathercraft deerskin antler, Chokers weapons stone bone SixDirectionsTraders 6 Six Direction Trader:

~ Greetings ~ O`siyo ~ Hau Kola ~ Ya' at eeh ~

Six Directions Traders provide ~ Leather craft, Beading, Handcrafted Jewelry ~ products are Handcrafted from natural materials of the earth - bone, horn, stone, wood, glass beads, leather, fur, and feathers ~ In our Uniquely Diverse inventory, you are sure to find something to your liking. From our Trademark items, like the Spider Dreamcatcher and the Pinback Feathers, 100% Solid .925 Sterling Silver Native American Charms and Pendants, Hemp Jewelry, Spirit Animals ~ and collectibles of all kinds!

Please see our Pow Wow page to find a Native American Pow Wow near you.  Visit our Contact  page to find Links to our Blogg, Video's, Pictures, Facebook  and more.  

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!  

NDN Bling Necklaces Beaded Pendant with corn bead or hairpipe necklace; Beaded Picture Earrings don with Fine Delica Beads; Handcrafted 3-D Beaded animal Necklaces; Painted Pony series ~ Breyers model horses hand painted with feather dangles or beaded blankets;  Tropical Bird and ALL Natural Feather Earrings; Handmade Leather pouches and bags.   Special Orders Welcome.


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