~ Handcrafted Jewelry ~

I make my jewelry from Natural materials of the Earth such as; stone, glass, bone, horn, precious and semi-precious stones, sterling silver, shell, hemp, wood, clay, and the like.  I use 49-strand Soft Flex wire which is the Highest Quality in Strength and Flexibility I have found.  There are Carved Animal Fetish Necklaces, Single Totem Necklaces, Bracelet & Necklace Sets, Seed Beaded Earring, Rosary Bracelet, and many more Indescribably Unique Creations!


Please see our Artfire store for product Available.

Visit the shop here: http://www.artfire.com/users/SixDirectionsTraders

E-mail for availability or Special Order - Spiderwrulf@SixDirectionsTraders.com

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