Breyers Painted Pony's
~ Painted Pony's ~

I make these Painted Ponies from Breyers Stablemates and the Classic size as well.  Each one is painted with guidance from Spirit and Named by me.  Some will have red felt Blankets on their back beaded with seed beeds, Loom beaded blankets, beads and feathers in their manes, or even Fringed Deerskin on their back.  I mount the small stablemates on a piece of wood, mostly Red Cedar.  Each Pony is a One of A Kind and Never Reproduced again.  They are all signed on the chest with the Six Directions Medicine Wheel.  As always if you have a special request Please e-mail me about it.  Please see the photo album of all Ponies here
spiderwrulf's Painted Pony's photoset spiderwrulf's Painted Pony's photoset

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