Spirit Web Totem ~ Dream Catcher Necklace
~ Spirit Web Totem ~

These creations of mine are called Spirit Web Totem because I don't think of them as the typical Dream Catcher Necklace.  Each one has a specific Animal or Totem bead in the center with a colored glass bead and metal feather.  The web is woven in a 2" diameter ring wrapped with Deerskin, the Totem bead is a Unique Handmade Peruvian Clay Bead.

Many stories exist about the Dreamcatcher.  This Handcrafted Necklace keeps your Spirit Guide or Totem, close to your heart.  A reminder that a person's Earth walk should be like a web...

~ Balanced  ~ Even ~ Cohesive ~

and made according to the design the Creator has given us.

Please Choose Totem Beads from the following: Horse Head, Horse Body, Black Bear Body, Brown Bear Head, Brown Bear Body, White Buffalo, Brown Buffalo, Deer/Fawn, Puma/Panther, Grey Dolphin, Blue Porpoise, Orca Whale, Sea Turtle, Tan Tortoise, Green Tortoise, Alligator/Crocodile, Hummingbird, Flamingo, Owl, Red Tail Hawk, Crow/Raven, American Eagle, Aztec Warrior, Fire Truck, Space Shuttle.

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