Beaded Grandmother Spider
~ Beaded Spiders ~

I make these spiders in a variety of colors shapes and sizes.  They can be made of bone, glass beads, horn, wood, stone and much more!  Some are just to hang out on your favorite NikNak shelf or on your Desk to keep the pests away.  Some I make attached to LargeBobby Pins so you can Clip them onto a cap, shirt, headband and such.  Some are just Toys for the kids to play and learn with.  Plese see the photo album of spiders here.



Grandmother Spider

Many stories exist about the weaver.  In some she is said to have brought the people the gift of fire.  She carried it from the other side of the world on her back, in a basket she wove.  In others, her webs bind all things together and form the foundation of earth, and still others, that the spider is the weaver of the threads of life.  A reminder that a person's Earth walk should be like a web...

~ Balanced  ~ Even ~ Cohesive ~

and made according to the design the Creator has given us.

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